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It is the policy of the Education Authority that a particular school dress or uniform is not compulsory.  However we would ask parents to help us operate the School Colours policy in order that children are smartly and appropriately dressed for school and feel equal to one another. The recommended colours for school wear are red, grey, white and black and the following code of dress has been introduced after consultation with parents.
All Years 
T-shirt/polo shirt/blouse/shirt - white/red
Trousers/skirts - plain grey or black (no designer labels/stripes)
Tailored Shorts/Dresses - in school colours
Sweatshirt/Cardigan/Jumper - plain grey or red with or without school logo
Baseball caps/Legionnaire Caps/school book bags/Pump bags available with school logo.
The school has a uniform provider ‘Better & Bright’ based in Castleford market and sell clothing with the school logo embroidered.  These can also be ordered from the school office.
In the interests of personal safety the wearing of jewellery of any kind is not allowed.  Pupils with pierced ears will be permitted to wear ear studs but these must not be worn during P.E. tape must be provided if the ears have been newly pierced.  Watches can be worn but are the children’s responsibility and should not be worn during P.E.

One piece swimming costume for girls, swimming trunks (not shorts) for boys