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School meals are served in the school hall between 11.50 and 1.00 pm where we provide a healthy choice of main course and dessert.
The cost of meals is  £2.20 per meal paid weekly in advance on Mondays.  Cash or cheques may be sent the latter should be made payable to “Leeds City Council” and supported by a bank card number and expiry date.  If you wish to pay for school meals online please contact the school office.
Dinner money should be sent in named purses or envelopes on Mondays.
Free Dinners
Parents who think they may qualify should ring 0113 2348080.
If parents wish, children may bring their own packed lunch which is taken between 11.50am and 1.00 pm.  Drinks are provided.
Any change from one type of meal to another requires two weeks notice in writing please.
Sweets are not allowed in school either at playtime or lunchtime.  In Key Stage 1 daily milk is available and paid for termly and free fruit is provided each day.
In Key Stage 2 a healthy tuck shop is available each morning.