Our School

The village of Great Preston is situated on the outskirts of the Leeds Metropolitan area in a small ex-mining community about seven miles east of the city.
The school is a combination of a brand new extension and the old Victorian building, with classes from Nursery to Year 6. We also house the Villages East Children’s Centre and our wrap around care is provided by Bright Sparks Pre School Nursery.
Everything a young family needs on one site! 

Church of England Status

The school is a Church of England (Controlled) School.  This means it has direct links with and support of the Church of England.  The school ethos and collective acts of worship are broadly Christian in nature. 
Religious Education is taught according to the Leeds Agreed Syllabus and this is multi-faith in nature. Parents have the right to withdraw their children from RE and collective acts of worship. 
A pupil may be withdrawn from school to receive RE elsewhere so long as the Headteacher is satisfied that it will not interfere with his/her other schooling.
A parent will not be able to insist on a child being withdrawn every time issues relating to religion or spiritual values are raised.  In this regard the Headteacher would need a working understanding of the issues in which a parent would object to their child being taught.